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Integrated Collaborative Healthcare for your Body and Mind

One Team, Balanced Care

Health relies on many different, yet connected elements: physical environment, individual behavior, and socioeconomic factors. That’s why at Denova Collaborative Health, we take an integrated collaborative approach, working with a team of specialists who talk with each other to ensure that the care you and your family receive is complete and balanced. Denova’s collaborative approach saves you time, improves lives, and puts your mind at ease.

We call this integrated holistic healthcare a “whole person” approach, one that offers a variety of service options for both the body and mind – including physical, and emotional services – and is available to all ages and socioeconomic classes.

We know that when you need care, you need it now, which is why we have a same day, next day promise for all of our care offerings.

From the time you reach out to Denova, our care coordinators can make sure you have an appointment booked within 1 day and that you have all the information you need to have a successful visit.

Denova Symptom Based Assessments™

At Denova Collaborative Health, we take a comprehensive approach to addressing depression, anxiety, PTSD and SDOH. Prior to each appointment, individuals with depression, anxiety or PTSD complete self-reported surveys to provide insights into their current mental health. These assessments serve as valuable tools that enable us to monitor our patients’ progress and identify areas where we can offer additional support.

We have seen an up to 31 percent decrease in patients’ depression and anxiety symptoms within 30-60 days and an up to 15 percent decrease in patients’ PTSD symptoms within 1 month of starting treatment with a Denova provider. 

How is our Integrated Approach Different

With most healthcare practices, you see a physician for annual exams and physical ailments, a separate therapist for mental health concerns, and another specialist to help with psychiatric medications; none of whom talk to each other. This disjointed approach leads many people (over 50 percent) to seek out mental healthcare solely through their primary care physician.

At Denova, we meet all of your healthcare needs through an integrated collaborative model which means our clinicians work together to understand you as a whole person and meet each of your needs through medical, psychiatric or mental health appointments. You can access all of our services from anywhere in the state of Arizona through the convenience of virtual care or in person at one of our 8 locations.


What Our Patients Are Saying

"The whole staff here is great. Very professional, courteous and understanding of your needs. I would recommend this place above all other places."

~ Laurie

“Awesome place, awesome staff! As a mother, it is so nice to have a place to bring every member of our family. One stop shopping at its finest!”

~ Jonl

I’ve been coming to Denova for a while now and have always been greeted with wonderful service and nice employees. My doctor has been great and has been helping me a lot!

~ Sarah

"Very wonderful staff! I love my Dr. Samantha and the wait times are very short! Office is very nice and clean too!"

~ Kim

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