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About Denova Collaborative Health

As the largest behavioral healthcare group in Arizona, Denova Collaborative Health is committed to disrupting the status quo with a comprehensive integrated healthcare delivery system that addresses our patients’ mental and physical needs. Our care model contributes to lower medical costs per member and improved health outcomes for each patient by ensuring better care coordination, standardizing best-practice clinical protocols, and providing patients with convenient virtual access to providers for all levels of care.
Denova offers emotional and behavioral healthcare, addiction treatment, psychiatry, therapy, primary care and pediatric care services for all ages and socioeconomic classes. Denova is based in the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area and is expanding to Flagstaff and Tucson in 2024. With over 300 clinicians, clinic locations throughout the Valley, and access to virtual care, we are able to meet the needs of any patient in Arizona within 24 hours of requested services.

Denova’s 40+ year History

Core Values

We apply our core values to all that we do, so that everything from our daily guiding principles to our tactical management techniques are built on compassion, adaptability, innovation and reliability.

At Denova, we are, and will always remain:


Compassion is the humane quality of understanding the needs of others and wanting to do something about it. We show kindness and a willingness to help others. We always provide care and concern for our colleagues, patients, families, and community.


The ability of our team to adapt to different environments, conditions, and changes is imperative to deliver high-quality care. Adaptable people are open to others while realizing the impact of their own words, tone, and body language on others.


Our team must have creative and critical thinking to introduce new ideas. Our commitment is to create a comprehensive healthcare delivery system like nothing done, experienced, or made before.


As a patient and community-centric organization, reliability is paramount. To achieve results, we must be a team of consistent and trustworthy individuals that can be counted on to follow through.

Denova Offers Collaborative Healthcare for All

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