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New Year, New You, Without the Resolutions

New year, new you. That’s what we always say, right? But did you ever think that there might not need to be a new you every time the clock strikes midnight on January 31st?

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Mindful Moving Through the Holidays

You might be reading this while trying to put together your shopping to do list, or taking a short break while trying to finish up that end of year report before your office is closed...

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Pets Are Family Too

Pets are considered part of the family, now more than ever. In America alone, over 23 million families adopted a pet during the pandemic. This is not only due to everyone wanting a little entertainment...

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The Fight Against Breast Cancer

No matter who you are, breast cancer may touch your life in some way. Every October, people across the world share their message and support to anyone fighting breast cancer. Sports teams pull out their...

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Holidays and Your Mental Health

It’s September, and we are slowly moving towards the busiest time of year: the holidays. For some, the holidays are full of fun and family. But for others, the holidays can be a pain point....

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Why is Physical Activity Beneficial?

We’re all aware of the benefits of physical activity for the body. But do you know the overall benefits of exercise for your well-being? Knowing the great benefits, you’ll have more incentive to get fit...

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