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Jacqueline Kaleigh Rogers, LCSW, MPA, BC-TMH, CCTP

Advanced Trauma Team Clinical Therapist

Jacqueline Kaleigh Rogers, who has gone by her middle name Kaleigh since childhood, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker dedicated to meaningful relationships that allow real conversations and deep understanding. Kaleigh lives life with a big smile, humor, compassion, and a fire to serve. Her work philosophy creates a supportive space for those she meets to heal, grow, and shine like the incredible people they are. Kaleigh is a skilled advocate, clinical therapist, presenter, and program developer. At denova, Kaleigh serves in the role as Specialty Team Supervisor for the Advanced Trauma Team of therapists, continues direct practice as a clinical therapist, and is a trauma provider for the Lighthouse Project given her experience, love, and dedication to high-risk teens and their families. She allies with men and women seeking to explore their life in meaningful and purposeful ways. Her professional philosophy strives to foster hope for those experiencing traumatic events, mental health concerns, and the criminal justice system. Her personal perspective is that everyone has a story, and the experiences of their lives make up a foundation of how they see themselves, the world, and the ways in which they interact with both.

Kaleigh embarked on a journey of clinical study and received 5 years of specialty training regarding Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT), a leading evidenced-based treatment modality for PTSD. Kaleigh is nationally certified. In addition to TFCBT, Kaleigh utilizes methods that allow people to understand their life story and courageously explore what to do with it. She also utilizes Risk Education through Family Therapy modalities, Motivational Interviewing, components of DBT, Thought Field Therapy, mindfulness, internal family systems, a person-centered and strength-based framework, a play and art therapy lens, and has extensive experience with the Building Bridges Initiative which reunites youth and their families preventing returns to higher levels of care. Her experience includes all levels of care – high acuity, inpatient, residential, and outpatient services. Specialty populations served include high-risk adolescents, families, young adults, those facing a diagnosis of PTSD, psychoses, mood or depression concerns, personality features in adolescents, sexual behavior problems, and high-risk behaviors (substance use, suicidality, NSSI, risky sexual behaviors). She also specializes in mental health care for youth with Type I Diabetes which often goes unrecognized as a life-changing and commonly traumatic experience. Kaleigh believes mental health care is as important as physical health and that it should be accessible to everyone. She is also a board-certified tele-mental health therapist utilizing the virtual platform to allow for less stress in attending therapy. Kaleigh is an intuitive worker, serves with conviction, a vital spirit, and an eager heart. She is relentless in her pursuit of a better delivery system for healing trauma and aspires to change the face of the Arizona service delivery platform. She enjoys training and having ongoing conversations regarding life and the ways we live it.

When she isn’t actively enjoying time with other people, Kaleigh spends time in reflection, takes care of a zoo in her home (many rescue cats and a dog who thinks he’s a cat), grows in her garden, spends time with her family, takes deep breaths, eats good food, and connects spiritually to her higher power.


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