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Why is Primary Care Important?

Your health is not something that is only important a few times a year when you feel ill.  Your daily well-being as well as your long-term health depends on your health history and your day-to-day choices. A primary care provider gets to know you and your personal story so you can work as a team to keep well.

Primary care providers can have a variety of credentials.  Physicians specializing in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics can serve as your primary care physician.  In addition, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants can be primary care providers.  Regardless of the credentials, your provider will have training in managing problems you know about and preventing problems that you might face in the future.

What’s Included in Primary Care Services?

Primary care can include a lot of different services, but for most clinics, you can access:

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of many different illnesses

Essentially, if you feel sick and need to understand what you’re going through (provided you don’t need emergency medical attention), you will likely first go to your primary care doctor for tests and a diagnosis.

  1. Disease prevention and screenings

Primary care doctors will also help you keep an eye on your long-term health by providing annual wellness visits, cancer screenings, and even blood tests to make sure you are healthy.

  1. Education related to disease treatment and prevention

Your primary care doctor is also an essential resource you can turn to for medical advice for disease prevention. One of the most important ways to stay well long term is to live a healthy lifestyle.  Your denova provider will educate and motivate you to make healthy changes. When you have chronic medical problems, your primary care can help you stay on track with control and monitoring to avoid complications later.

  1. Injury care

Primary care doctors will also assist you with injury care by routinely inspecting your injury and even adjusting your treatment plan if needed.

  1. Coordination of your care

The job of your primary care doctor is to make sure you are healthy. To do that, they often oversee even treatments recommended by other medical experts because ultimately, they are the most familiar with your medical profile.

The Major Benefits of Primary Care

  1. Managing existing health conditions

Your primary care doctor can help you stay on top of your particular health conditions and ensure you’re following the right treatment. For instance, diabetes patients often rely on primary care doctors to ensure their condition is under control.

  1. Easy access to the right specialist for your health issue

Primary care is usually connected with other medical services, meaning you will often get referred for the right specialist who can help manage your condition.

  1. One-Stop-Shop to your medical needs

Primary care takes a comprehensive approach to health, meaning most medical needs you have can be answered in such facilities.

  1. Can spot health problems before they become serious

Because your primary care doctor knows your profile and performs the routine test, they are the ones who can help you identify certain medical issues in their early stages, and help you get treatment right away.

denova Healthcare’s Integrated Approach

At denova Healthcare, we believe primary care works best when it takes into account the whole patient, from a physical, emotional, behavioral, and wellness perspective. Our primary care services will always look at who the person is, where they live, how they act, and more.

It’s why our team consists of a diverse array of medical specialists which empowers us to provide the best possible care to all our patients, no matter the medical condition that initially gets them through the door.

Can We Help?

If you’re looking for a compassionate primary care doctor, and a healthcare facility able to provide a comprehensive approach to your health and wellness, denova Healthcare is at your service. We can help address several medical needs, from primary care to mental health and even addiction treatment.

Contact us today to find out more about our services.


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