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Start the New Year with a Positive Mindset

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denova’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Danielle Sink, Shares 5 Tips to a Positive Mindset

It is time to let go of 2020 and give the New Year a fresh start. Optimism benefits our mental and physical health. During a time of prolonged stress like the pandemic, our minds can get stuck in a habit of looking for threats. Making some simple but deliberate changes can help us shift to an attitude of hope. It doesn’t mean we stop doing the things we need to do to stay safe. We continue to give challenges to our attention, but only when action is needed. At other times, we permit ourselves the much-needed relief to ignore the negative and focus on the positive. When we have a positive mindset, it is easier to notice the blessings around us. Why not give it a try? Here are some suggestions:

Set an Active Goal:

Rephrase your goals to emphasize your desired action and outcome, not the habit you want to give up. Instead of “I won’t eat junk food”, say “I want to feel healthy, so when I reach for an unhealthy snack, I will stop and (better choice) instead.”


Clean and rearrange your personal space and add art or mementos so you have a different view. Your mood can shift and possibilities open when visual input changes.


Trying a new skill, recipe, or even a new route can help you pay attention to the moment and let go of expectations and habits that are not helping you.


Giving back creates a feeling of achievement and gratitude. Studies show the more people volunteer, the happier they are.


A regular prayer or meditation practice using mindfulness techniques has been shown to reduce stress and its consequences. A simple technique is slow breathing thinking “inhale peace, exhale stress”

It’s important to acknowledge that some people experience depression and other mood symptoms that need more than a New Year’s resolution to overcome. If you or a loved one are having feelings of despair or hopelessness, contact your primary care physician or seek professional counseling services.

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