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Phoenix Youth Counseling

Teenagers today are under unprecedented levels of stress. With an increasingly competitive academic landscape and the growing influence of social media, parents have trouble understanding their children’s experiences as they are quite different from their own.

On top of that, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a significant twist into the plans of many teenagers. Whether they’re having trouble adjusting to distance learning or have to cope with a drastic change of college plans, there are many forces out of their control affecting their lives.

At denova Collaborative Healthcare in Phoenix, youth counseling is tailored to the individual. Each adolescent is likely struggling with a unique set of problems, and it is the therapist’s mission to create an autonomous and safe space for productive communication and reflection. Each session is designed to be a step toward healing.

Phoenix Teen Counseling: The Lighthouse Program

denova Collaborative Healthcare knows how difficult it can be to find solutions for your teenager suffering from disruptive behavior, mood, or substance use disorders. We offer outpatient treatment for teenagers between the ages of 11 and 21 who are at moderate to high risk for these disorders—The Lighthouse Program.

Each patient works with a primary therapist that leads their counseling program and conducts individual counseling sessions and multi-disciplinary team meetings. The adolescent will further interact with all Lighthouse Clinical team members through specialized group sessions and check-ins. Group sessions fall into the following categories:

  • Substance use

Group sessions in this category are educational, seeking to enhance the patient’s awareness and knowledge of drugs and their effects.

By presenting hard facts and explaining the natural consequences of long and short-term drug use and experimentation, we aim to shift the conversation toward tangible tools—productive ways of dealing with the pressures that might lure them toward these behaviors and how to resist them.

  • Courage

There’s one essential component to overcoming adverse and abusive childhood experiences: courage. High-risk youth populations have often been disproportionately exposed to trauma.

These group sessions are geared towards creating a safe environment to discuss and overcome these experiences through trauma-informed practices to resolve this emotional turmoil.

  • Emotions

Emotions are at the root of anger, sadness, insecurity, overwhelming fear, anxiety, and hurt. However, if a teenager has no framework for understanding their emotions and how to process them, these feelings will remain unresolved.

Unresolved emotions quickly snowball into unmanageability, which significantly affects the people around them. These group sessions seek to uncover the source of emotions, recognizing emotional states, and finding tools to redirect anger into a productive course of action.

  • Expressive Arts

Creative expression has long been considered a critical aspect of overcoming troubling experiences or finding peace of mind. In these sessions, adolescents will examine the influences of arts, music, and social media on their own interpersonal relationships and self-image.

The goal is to ensure they have an outlet through which they can truly express their creativity.

  • Healthy Thinking

Critical thinking skills are the foundation of healthy and logical decision-making. In these sessions, we help teenagers understand consequences, identify options, and navigate ways to avoid or cope with high-risk events or circumstances.

  • Leadership

These group sessions aim to help youth understand the impact their presence and opinions have on others and the many ways in which leadership manifests–both as an agent to help change things for better or for worse.


If your teen needs effective and compassionate counseling, denova Collaborative Healthcare can help. For more information about our Phoenix youth counseling services or the Lighthouse Youth Program, please give us a call at (602) 281-7292, chat with us or schedule your appointment today.

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