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Phoenix Primary Care

Primary care is a patient-centric approach to maintaining health and preventative care. Your primary care provider is the primary entry point into the healthcare system. After years of intensive medical training, primary care doctors have the expertise and training to address various concerns, including vaccinations and immunizations, physical exams, diagnosis, and management of common ailments. When presented with uncommon problems or health issues outside of the scope of primary care, your physician can refer you to a specialist.

Primary care doctors are responsible for continuing the patient’s comprehensive care, whether they need treatment for acute conditions or long-term chronic disease management in outpatient and inpatient settings. Here at denova Collaborative Healthcare, our primary care doctors are staunch advocates for their patients, coordinating other medical professionals to be in your corner when you require care.

Primary Care Services

At denova Collaborative Healthcare in Phoenix, primary care services cover all essential elements of holistic, thorough, and complete healthcare tailored to the individual. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Wellness checks

Typically, a wellness check is performed by your primary care doctor on an annual basis. This is a preventative practice that seeks to identify whether a patient is at risk of developing one or more conditions before it is too late. If health problems are identified, they can be nipped in the bud before they manifest into chronic or irreversible conditions.

Same-day sick visits

When you or your child suddenly displays symptoms of an acute illness, such as the flu, waiting your turn for a doctor’s appointment might not be feasible. At denova Collaborative Healthcare, our primary care clinic offers same-day sick visits to address concerns that require immediate care. For example, you may need same-day care due to injuries, sprains or cuts, allergy/asthma attacks, insect bites, ear infections, or a sore throat.


Vaccines are safe and effective, offering protection against contagious diseases that threaten public health and safety. denova holds that vaccinations are critical for everyone—not just school-aged children. People in all phases of life need to stay up-to-date with routine immunizations. At denova Collaborative Healthcare, your primary care doctor will keep close track of your immunization record and ensures you are staying up to date.

Lab orders

Laboratory tests can be pivotal to establishing a proper diagnosis or simply grasping a clear picture of your health. Lab orders range from urine analysis to blood tests that can measure deficiencies or indicate potential health issues. It’s a great tool to find answers to lingering health questions and tailor and optimize any necessary treatment plans.

Preventative care

The backbone of good healthcare is preventative care. If you can avoid developing serious health issues by addressing smaller problems as they crop up, you are giving yourself the greatest gift: long-term health and well-being.

Depending on your age, your doctor will ensure you receive a specific set of preventative care services. Preventative care includes annual check-ups, flu shots, vaccinations, diagnostic tests and screenings, specialist visits, and blood tests.

Why Choose denova for Your Phoenix Primary Care Needs

Are you looking for a team of experienced primary care doctors to manage your healthcare? With convenient locations throughout Phoenix, primary care at denova Collaborative Healthcare is accessible, comprehensive, and delivered with consistent care. We offer a balanced, holistic, and integrated approach, complete with in-house pediatric services, emotional/behavioral health, counseling, and virtual care.

No matter the scope of your healthcare needs, denova Collaborative Healthcare has a vast professional network and an abundance of in-house expertise to deliver top-notch care that you can rely on. Make an appointment or contact us today. We are excited and honored to have you as part of our denova family.

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