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Phoenix Addiction Treatment

denova Collaborative Healthcare offers compassionate and personalized addiction and substance use treatment. When struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, treatment can be a daunting and horrifying prospect to consider.

Our healthcare team understands the hurdles our patients must overcome before they find the courage to pick up the phone or schedule an online appointment. The path of recovery is not one that you have to walk alone, and we are committed to being there with you every step of the way.

At denova Collaborative Healthcare in Phoenix, addiction treatment is approached through a variety of methods, including medication-assisted therapies, group and individual therapy, social health strategies, and physical health services.

What is addiction?

People suffering from addiction are intensely focused on using alcohol, drugs, or another substance. Their fixation leads to harmful and excessive intake of these substances, leading to chaos in their personal and professional lives and harming their own health.

Addictions do not go undetected by the patient—they’re typically well aware of the issue. However, this is a complex brain disease that causes distorted behavior and thinking that can render the patient unable to stop, even if they want to.

Key signs that frequent consumption of a mind-altering substance is tightening its grip on your life include failed attempts to stop or cut down, failed academic or professional assignments and projects, risky substance use in inappropriate settings, and tolerance development that requires more amounts to induce the same psychoactive effects.

What types of treatments are used to help people with addictions?

In order for a patient to start considering treatment, the first step is recognizing that there is a problem. When an individual is in denial or does not want to confront an addiction, it is often challenging to treat them successfully. Because addiction manifests through psychological, environmental, and physical patterns, the key to unraveling them is by combining different treatment forms to yield simultaneous improvements in these areas.

Treatment approaches include medication-assisted secession, group or individual therapy, outpatient programs, hospitalization/detox, sober houses, or rehabilitation centers. Sometimes, co-current disorders are diagnosed after a patient consults us for a substance use disorder. These other conditions need to be addressed simultaneously, which can complicate a patient’s treatment. Long-term follow-up appointments are typical as well, to ensure accountability for relapses and celebrating milestones of sobriety.

How much does drug and alcohol treatment cost?

The cost of alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Phoenix depends entirely on five variables:

  • Treatment type required
  • Whether or not detox is necessary before rehabilitation center residency
  • Length of treatment
  • Relapse and addiction history
  • The patient’s preference for treatment

As a rule of thumb, outpatient treatments are more affordable than inpatient options. Without the need to pay for housing, around-the-clock care, food, and amenities, the bottom line becomes a lot easier to look at. Inpatient programs that include detox run upwards of $15,000—and well above that figure too. A patient’s insurance plan plays a crucial role in determining costs as well, which we can help you navigate at denova Integrated Services.

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