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Is the Economy Affecting Your Health?

Managing Health in Economic Crisis

The economy affects jobs, income, quality of life, and both physical and mental health. Let’s find out how.

Effect on the Brain

Good mental health is important to maintain our well-being, families, communities, and society. When the economy is struggling, it becomes very easy to become stressed. Here are a few other things that can affect mental health with the economy: 

  • Employment: Job security affects mental health on a daily basis. Not only does it provide less stress, but it gives a sense of belonging and promotes trust. 
  • Mental Disorders: Mental disorders are more common in areas with low income, unemployment, and poor education. 
  • Money Stress: When you are stressed, spending money provides some sort of relief. 

Physical Health 

Physical health is also important, as it affects the bodies we live in. The economy affects physical health in a few ways: 

  • Healthy choices become more expensive.
  • Loss of sleep, loss of appetite, stomach pain.
  • Healthcare and medications are less available due to an increase in healthcare prices. 
  • Lower-income areas have less access to a safe place to exercise. 

Next Steps

So how do we fight the effects the economy has on physical and mental health: 

  • Prioritize self-care and self-respect through therapy, meditation, journaling, or exercise
  • Talk to friends about your situation. 
  • Work with the community to create safe spaces for people to walk, work out, and spend time outside. 
  • Break the stigma around mental health to allow people to feel like they can reach out. 
  • Schedule your annual preventative (wellness) visit before the end of the year, which is free under most health plans.

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Amanda Keenhold, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor

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