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How to Work From Home With Less Pain

Neck Pain Working from Home

We all had to adjust to working remotely as part of that “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic. While it may have been difficult at first, many companies and their employees recognized that there were benefits. Today, having the option to work remotely is the expectation. Many businesses have adopted a hybrid in-office-remote work model.

While there are perks to being able to work from home, it’s not for everyone. Some may experience back or neck pain while working from home which makes the experience unpleasant. Regardless of the cause, experiencing pain while working from home gets in the way of productivity. Keep reading to find out some helpful tips for working from home with less pain.

Change positions frequently

If you experience back or neck pain working from home, it may be because you are staying in the same position for too long. A lot of people believe that they must maintain perfect posture all throughout the day to prevent pain, but this is not necessarily true. Pain is often caused by how long you are in a certain position, not what the position is. Just changing the way you are sitting can help you stop experiencing back pain or neck pain while working from home.

Get up and move around

Even if you are changing your body posture and sitting position, the body pain while working from home may not be completely alleviated. This is because the human body just naturally prefers movement to being still. We recommend getting up and moving around your home for five minutes every hour to get your blood flowing.

Raise your computer to eye level

If you only experience neck pain and not back pain, it may be because you are having to strain your neck in order to view your computer screen. In this case, we recommend positioning your monitors to be at eye level so you are not having to stay looking up or down to properly view them. You might have to get a little creative to do this, but it will be worth it to prevent you from experiencing neck pain while working from home.

Keep your arms supported

If you’ve raised your monitors or computer screen to be at eye level, you will want to find a way to raise your arms as well. Lifting them higher to reach the keyboard may cause you to experience back pain working from home. It may sound simple, but doing so can do wonders to relieve the pain you are feeling.

Cushion your lower back

Most office chairs feature curves designed to help support your lower back, but you may not have one at home. Even if you change positions, get up, and move around every hour, you could still be experiencing pain if your chair does not support your back. One of the best things you can do to stop experiencing back pain while working from home is to cushion your back. Add a pillow, roll up a blanket, or use some other soft object to give your back the support it needs.

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