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Family Counseling and Therapy

Sometimes challenges are difficult to deal with on your own, especially when they affect the whole family. Specially trained licensed professionals can help identify who may be helpful to include in family therapy and then help the family to work through the challenges that you are facing. Family therapy is often a brief intervention that teaches you and your family members the skills to deal with difficult situations. It can help you to find new ways to communicate and work together.

When should you go to family counseling?

No family life is stress-free. It may be that you are in the early stages of blending two families and getting used to living together. Perhaps one of your teenagers is facing difficulties at school, or you feel disconnected from your children. If a family member is suffering from substance use or addiction, it can cause a significant strain on the whole family. There is a myriad of reasons why family therapy might be the right choice for you. A few concerns that family counseling can help include:

  1. Behavioral problems – are there behaviors that your teenagers or young children are displaying that are disrupting your family?  Does a member of your family suffer from mental health problems that affect you all? Is a member of the family isolating or disregarding others?  Are school or work stresses being taken out on others in the home?  All these concerns can put your family under strain. By working with a family therapist, you can learn how to address them and communicate with each other again.
  2. Disconnectedness – sometimes you feel disconnected from your children, and sometimes you and your partner feel disconnected. This is not uncommon, especially if you have busy schedules and do not spend much time together. In this technological world where we are glued to phones, social media, and screens, it can be easy to disconnect with the family members right in front of us. Family counseling can help all members of the family to unplug from technology and open the lines of communication again.
  3. Addiction/substance use – impacts everyone surrounding the person fighting addiction. Sometimes the person seeking help for addiction cannot see how their substance use affects their family. Family therapy is often a part of addiction recovery and is a valuable process for all family members involved.
  4. Devastating life events – the death of a loved one, diagnosis of a critical/lifelong illness, or family separation can surface a range of feelings including grief, anger, depression, anxiety, and many more. Family therapy can help you to understand each other’s feelings, express things that are difficult to say, and bring you closer together as a family.
  5. Problems with conflict – can be exhausting. Constant arguing can drive families apart, and sometimes it feels like you are going around in circles. By working with a family counselor, you can pinpoint what is the root cause of the challenges and work together to find a positive path forward.

Our experienced licensed counselors and family therapists at Denova are here to help you. If you feel family therapy would benefit you and your family, then please make an appointment or contact us today. We are excited and honored to have you as part of our Denova family.

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