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What to Look for in a Primary Care Provider

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Primary care providers provide all the services you need to meet your everyday health needs. Primary care providers offer a range of services such as wellness checks, vaccinations, same-day sick appointments, chronic disease management, preventative care, and diagnostic tests. The primary care system is suitable for any age supporting the healthcare requirements of the whole family.

Finding the right primary care doctor is important as they become much more than just your physician. They will come to know you, your medical history, your reaction to medications, your personality, your lifestyle, your family, and your treatment preferences. However, choosing a new primary care provider is challenging, especially if you have moved to an unfamiliar area. When looking for a new primary care provider, consider these top tips.

Tips for choosing a primary care provider:

Determine which doctors are ‘in-network’.

Healthcare can be costly. Most health insurance plans negotiate discounted rates with specific medical practices and services. You will pay less if you visit what your insurance considers an ‘in-network’ doctor. Your insurance provider can help you find a list of ‘in-network’ doctors in your area. Once you have identified a list of primary care providers, always double-check whether they work with your health plan. denova accepts all major insurances as listed here. In addition to insurance, denova also offers transparent information on self-pay rates for those who don’t have insurance coverage or do not wish to use their insurance.

Find a doctor that meets your health needs.

There are likely to be several ‘in-network’ doctors in your area, therefore, you will need to assess which one fits the needs of you, and if applicable, your family. Primary care, family practice, general practice, internal medicine, and specialist physicians will all offer slightly different services. Make a list of your health needs and check that the primary care provider can meet your requirements. To learn more about denova providers, visit our providers page.

Consider scheduling an in-person or virtual meeting.

Have you narrowed it down but, you are still not sure if it is the right doctor for you? Why not set up an initial visit to go over your health concerns and talk about your personal health goals together? You need to feel comfortable talking to your physician and feel you can trust them with your healthcare. An in-person or virtual meeting will allow you to ask questions, ensure you feel comfortable, check the ease of accessing the practice, and see if the staff are friendly, efficient, and helpful. Visit our make an appointment page to schedule an appointment with a denova provider.

Consider location.

Location is important to consider when assessing different primary care providers. Think about when you will need to attend appointments. Do you need the practice to be close to your home, your work, or your child’s school? Is it an easy route to drive, or will it get clogged up with traffic? While some of your visits – like physicals – need to be in person, many other appointments can be taken online through virtual care. Learn more about denova’ virtual care and all the appointments you can handle through our online portal at our virtual care page.

Ask for referrals.

We all feel more comfortable visiting a doctor who was recommended by someone we know. Talk to your family and friends about their doctor and ask them questions about why they would recommend their physician. However, remember that every person is different and has different needs. So, although one doctor is right for your friend, they may not be right for you, which is why it is important to investigate if they will meet your healthcare needs.

Why choose denova Healthcare for your primary care needs?

denova Healthcare has multiple locations throughout the Phoenix metro area that are easily accessible and a virtual care program that can give you access to care anywhere in Arizona. We offer a coordinated, whole-person approach for both your physical and mental health needs. In addition to primary care services, we offer psychiatric services, pediatric services, counseling, lab tests, and integrated health – meeting all your healthcare requirements in one location.

Click here to make an appointment or fill out our contact form today. We are excited and honored to have you as part of our denova Healthcare family.