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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Responsibility

Your Healthcare

A simple statement. You own a responsibility to participate in the effectiveness of your healthcare. At Denova Collaborative Health, we want you to participate not only in the decisions about your healthcare, but in the on-going treatments and efforts we make together.

These include:
  • Appointments scheduling and maintenance.
  • After-appointment care with the medications, treatments, and wellness efforts that we prescribe and/or recommend for you.
Our efforts focus on providing:
  • Complimentary screenings and assessments to define complete scope of healthcare needs and subsequent action plan for change*
  • Optimal use of evidenced based behavioral interventions
  • Optimal use of education based interventions and groups
  • High-availability for follow up appointments
  • Timely intervention diminishes prevalence of patient need for medications
  • Timely intervention diminishes prevalence of patient utilization of crisis services

Denova Collaborative Health is your partner in your healthcare. While the integrated healthcare model works for everyone, optimal outcomes occur when you are invested by being an active participant in your healthcare, your life, and your health.

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