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Phoenix Family Medicine

Family practice physicians are focused on the health and wellbeing of entire families. These medical professionals undergo rigorous training and residency programs to master a wide range of patient populations. As a result, family doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating children, adults, and women’s OB/GYN care.

Family doctors have a wide scope of practice, contrasting the narrow focus of other medical professionals. For example, pediatricians only see children up to 21 years old and internists only treat and diagnose adults. A family doctor does it all: from seniors to newborns, your family physician can manage a diverse range of healthcare needs. The benefit of having a family doctor lies in the invaluable foundation of trust that is built. From your child’s first steps to your own chronic condition and your father’s healthcare needs, you know you have a medical professional in reach that can advise on the range of needs specific to your family and medical history.

Family medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic additions, as well as preventative care. Their practice scope includes routine checkups, vaccinations, lab orders, specialist referrals, health-risk assessments, and lifestyle consulting.

In Phoenix, family medicine revolves around the cultivation of long-lasting patient-physician relationships. At denova Collaborative Healthcare, our Family Medicine team compassionately serves family members of all ages, addressing preventative needs, common ailments, and so much more.

Why Choose denova for Your Phoenix Family Medicine Needs?

Are you looking for an experienced, reliable, and available family doctor in Phoenix? With numerous convenient locations in Phoenix, family medicine at denova Collaborative Healthcare is easily accessible throughout the metro area. With an integrated, balanced approach, our family doctors foster enduring partnerships with their patients, help them navigate the health system, manage illness and acute conditions, and guide them to services or lifestyle changes that will better their health.

Within our comprehensive, integrated primary care and behavioral health practice, patients have access to a multitude of health services, including:

  • Pediatric services

From annual checkups to acute care for cuts and scrapes, our pediatricians are there to manage, maintain, and improve your child’s health as they go through their most important years of growth, development, physical, and emotional changes.

  • Emotional/behavioral health

Whether you or your children need help navigating emotional and behavioral issues and disorders, denova Collaborative Healthcare offers comprehensive counseling and psychiatric services, providing a balanced approach of treatment and options. We offer one-on-one counseling sessions, family counseling, couples counseling, and group therapy.

We further offer substance use services and the Lighthouse Program for youth and adolescents struggling with behavioral, emotional, and substance use disorders.

  • Virtual Care

denova Collaborative Healthcare offers virtual online doctor’s appointments anywhere in Arizona, allowing you to receive the care you need regardless of proximity.

Our Telemedicine services earned the URAC Accreditation of Telemedicine, a stamp of confidence in our consistent dedication to quality telehealth services. We are honored to have received the distinction and continue to uphold best practices.

Health conditions that we address and treat virtually include mental and emotional health, allergies, chronic disease management, smoking cessation, back pain, test results, new parenting questions & pediatric advice, urinary tract infection, feminine health care, and injury or infection follow-up.

Make an Appointment with a Family Doctor in Phoenix Today

At denova Collaborative Healthcare, we have a talented team of family medicine doctors who are honored and excited to welcome you into the denova family. Make your first appointment online today, or contact us first to discuss what you’re looking for. With several locations throughout the Phoenix metro area, our integrated healthcare network provides accessibility and excellence to the entire region.

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