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How to Have a Healthy Summer With These 5 Tips From Denova Collaborative Health

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Summer is an exciting time for many people. Kids don’t have school, and the warmer weather means families can enjoy many of their favorite outdoor activities. But the high temperatures and sun exposure can have some negative effects. This makes it important to consider summer health tips while you have fun in the sun. You should want to make sure you are healthy while enjoying yourself. Staying healthy will also help you better enjoy all the fun activities you have planned. 

Make sure to keep these summer wellness tips from Denova Collaborative Health in mind this summer. 

Stay active

The summer heat can be intense in some parts of the country. This can make it hard to enjoy the outdoors and stay active. But you should still get in the recommended exercise. This means you will have to wake up a little earlier to do your workouts before it gets really warm, or wait until night when it cools off. One of the summer wellness tips we recommend is to take up swimming. Swimming for exercise because the water will help you stay cool, and it will feel refreshing.

Stay hydrated

Remembering to drink plenty of water is one of the most important summer health tips we can give you. It’s important to stay hydrated and pay special attention to how much water you’re drinking in the summer. We lose a lot of our bodily fluids through sweat during the summer months. Drink eight cups of water a day at a minimum, and find a large water bottle that you can refill and never leave home without it. 

Utilize sunscreen

Applying the proper amount of sunscreen and remembering to re-apply when necessary is another important summer health tip. Many people will agree that they love the feeling of the sun on their skin but will get a sunburn if they spend too much time out in the sun without sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied before every outdoor activity, and remember to re-apply it every two hours. This is because sunscreen can come off in the water and when we sweat. 

Eat fresh and in-season foods

Eating fresh foods is a good idea no matter what season it is. There are a lot of different fresh produce and other foods to choose from during the season. Picnics and cookouts are popular summer activities, partly because of how much great fresh food there is. Remember to follow our other summer health tips, like staying hydrated and applying sunscreen while you’re enjoying these in-season foods outside.

Get the whole family involved

Seasonal activities are always more enjoyable when the whole family is involved. Getting everyone involved makes things more fun, helps the family bond and creates memories that last a lifetime. Make sure every member of the family follows these summer health tips so the summer is more enjoyable, and no one has to be left out of the fun because they aren’t feeling well.

Summer is also a great time to get the kids caught up on their medical appointments because school schedules don’t get in the way. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get more summer health tips from one of our doctors to fit your lifestyle needs!