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How to Deal With Anger Management Issues in Adolescents?

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Parenting is a very rewarding process, but raising children can be difficult;  especially with teens. This is because they are dealing with a lot of physical and mental changes, and often lash out at their parents. Many adolescents don’t know how to appropriately relieve their emotions, like anger. How they deal with these feelings can get them in trouble at school and at home. Anger management for teenagers can help them better deal with these feelings and find better ways to express them. 

Adolescents can get angry for many reasons, as they don’t know how to express and manage their emotions. Teens can lash out in different ways including yelling, making verbal threats, excessive arguing, destroying property, irrational thinking, and physical violence or aggression. Thankfully, there are some things parents looking for help with teen anger management can do to teach their children better ways to cope. Here are our suggestions. 

Understand Your Teen’s Anger

When looking for solutions for anger management for teenagers, parents first need to understand where the anger is coming from. It can be related to school, their relationships with others, the general stress and pressure of adolescence, and many other things. Understanding the source of the anger will help with teen anger management, and ensuring they feel heard and seen. 

Sometimes, a teen might not know where their anger comes from. Anger can be the result of other emotions a teen doesn’t know how to process, like feeling hurt or frustrated. Sometimes, adolescents will try to avoid these emotions or hide them. Other times, they might not be aware of what they’re feeling. One of the best tips for anger management for teenagers is to help the teen get in touch with what is making them feel angry. This can help them express it in better ways that aren’t as destructive. 

Is Anger the Problem?

Sometimes anger is not the main problem. For example, adolescence is a time in a person’s life when they are going through a lot of changes, and a teen may get angry because they don’t understand what is happening, why it’s happening, or what it means. 

Anger can also be the result of a lack of assertiveness. In this case, helping with teen anger management means teaching the teen how to stand up for themselves appropriately. Other times, aggression may be the main problem. Some teens may not know the difference between angry feelings and aggressive behavior, and will need help separating the two. 

Strategies to Help Teens Safely Express Anger

Consider these strategies for anger management for teenagers if your teen needs help controlling their anger.

  • Exercises: Physical activity is a good outlet for teens who need to let out strong feelings of anger. 
  • Take it out on something that can take a hit: Some teens need a safe way to release their anger. A punching bag will work well, but they can also use a pillow or foam bat. 
  • Time to calm down: Sometimes, helping with teen anger management means leaving the teen alone and giving them time to cool off and calm down on their own. 
  • Music: Music is popular with most teens, and it can help them identify and express their feelings through song or dance. 
  • Express anger in other ways: Anger can actually be channeled into creativity. Give your teen the opportunity to write or draw their feelings and express them that way. 

Despite your efforts, some teens may need someone else to talk to, like a behavioral health specialist. These care providers are experienced in anger management for teenagers and can help solve the problems you and your teen are facing. Book an appointment with a specialist from denova Collaborative Healthcare today!