Wellness Coach (Virtual)

Wellness Coach (Virtual)

denova Collaborative Healthcare is committed to improving lives and transforming healthcare. We utilize our Core Values as the foundation for all we do:

Compassionate: Compassion is the humane quality of understanding the needs of others, and wanting to do something about it. We show kindness and a willingness to help others. We always provide care for our colleagues, our patients and our community.

Adaptable: The ability of our team to adapt to different environments, conditions and changes is imperative to deliver high quality care. Adaptable people are open to others while realizing the impact of their own words, tone and body language on others.

Innovative: Our team must have creative and critical thinking in order to introduce new ideas. Our commitment is creating a comprehensive healthcare delivery system like nothing done, experienced or created before.

Reliable: As a patient and community centric organization, being reliable is of the utmost importance. In order to achieve results, we must have a team comprised of consistent and trustworthy individuals that can be counted on to follow through.

Relentless: We have an unwavering commitment to improve the healthcare system, disrupt the status quo, and create a better community. We are driven individuals that exemplify intensity and the pursuit of excellence. A strong work ethic and enthusiasm are necessary in order to help our patients, improve our community, and accomplish our goals.


The Wellness Coach (WC) position is responsible for leading, managing, and holding accountable a team of junior wellness coaches. In addition to training the junior wellness coaches to do a comprehensive health assessment and provide direct wellness services (nutrition, sleep hygiene, smoking cessation, mindfulness, etc.) to patients enrolled in an employee assistance program, the WC will also provide these services when needed. The Wellness Coach will be responsible for program implementation, administration, and evaluation to ensure the program measures are met or exceeded.

Primary Job Responsibilities:

  • Lead, manage, train, onboard, and hold accountable junior wellness coaches
  • Engage in Wellness program administration, development, and evaluation
  • Oversee staffing, scheduling, and provision of 24-hour wellness services phone line
  • Engage in telephonic and virtual outreach with patients to coordinate and collaborate care
  • Oversee and provide the provision of virtual health assessment, individual wellness visits, and psychoeducational learning sessions (lifestyle management)
  • Coordinates the delivery of integrated care services to patients, in collaboration with clinical staff
  • Provides brief screening and assessment for triage of services
  • Schedules patients for necessary follow-up appointments as needed
  • Completes referrals when necessary
  • Enters all the information related to patient demographics, eligibility, and care on a timely and accurate basis
  • Notifies all appropriate clinical staff to initiate services after assessment
  • Provides case management services to patients when applicable
  • Engages families, stakeholders and other supports for the primary purpose of developing a strengths-based plan
  • Works collaboratively with treatment team members to engage, educate and communicate with identified patients and their families regarding their care
  • Other duties as assigned



Education, Certification, and Experience Requirements

  • Registered Nurse with at least 1 year of experience in mental health or psychiatric nursing
  • One to three years’ behavioral health experience preferred
  • Exceptional communication and time management skills
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills and the ability to work within an interdisciplinary team
  • Must have a valid Arizona Fingerprint Clearance card
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
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