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African Heritage & Health Week

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African Heritage & Health Week is during the first week of Black History Month. Each year, we use this time to look at health issues within the Black community. It’s also a week to celebrate traditional African foods.

This month, we look at ways to celebrate African Heritage Health week. Later, we’ll offer some advice on how you can support the Black community.

Celebrating African Heritage & Health Week

This week allows African-Americans to explore healthy traditions. Celebrations will include cuisine infused with herbs, spices, and lean proteins. Though these items are healthy choices, they’re usually combined with American cooking styles. These techniques involve frying or adding high amounts of salts to ingredients. It’s not the best choice to prepare food like this all the time.

Trying out the traditional African diet may allow you to make better choices. Take a look at a few African diet must-haves that you can include daily:


  • Steamed veggies like okra, cabbage, green beans


  • Lean beef, lamb, goat, camel, poultry, wild game


  • Pigeon peas, black beans, kidney beans


  • Fish, eggs, poultry, yogurt, and healthy oils


  • Tamarind, plums, dates, figs, pomegranates


Health Issues Within Black Community

Black Americans face more health issues than their white counterparts. Black people are less likely to have insurance and they do not always receive the best healthcare treatments. This puts the Black community at a higher risk for heart diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

Poverty and injustice also play a huge part in healthcare inequality. Most times, it’s harder for Black communities to access their everyday health needs. Also, poor communities lack the necessary information that could help them prevent diseases.

We want to encourage you to support those affected by healthcare inequality. Helping others is the first step in working towards an equal healthcare system.

  • Have conversations to bring attention to the health issues that affect Black Americans.


  • Organize events to support those close to you.


  • Share resources that help the Black Community.


  • Donate to African Heritage & Health programs.


  • Reach out to your loved ones when their struggling


Check-in With Your Doctor

Checking in on your health is one of the best ways to support your community. African Heritage & Health Week, is the perfect time to get in touch with your doctor. Seeking out preventative care helps diagnose health problems while they’re still treatable. By staying on top of your health, you can increase the chances of recovery.

You should also encourage your friends and family to get checkups too. If they are facing struggles with their health, be sure to offer you support as well. Driving your loved ones to appointments or even offering to run errands are great ways to show you care.

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