Out of memory. Restart program

Out of memory. Restart program after adding "-mx64m" to the command line before -cp switch.


JExpress needs a good bit of memory available to find classes automatically. You should change the command line to launch JExpress so it includes the -mx switches. You can increase the size memory specified to as much as your machine can handle. If you're using the JRE, the command line should look like this:

jre -mx64m -cp . com.denova.JExpress.Builder.JExpress

Be careful not to add the switches behind the classname.

Important: If you are running JExpress on Windows, then you probably need to change the properties file instead of the command line. Load the JExpress.properties file into a text editor and add the -mx switch to the args value at the beginning of the line (i.e., directly after the = and before the -cp).


If you have an especially large Java app or not enough memory on your machine, then you can find classes manually. If you have to do this, please send e-mail to DeNova's support email account and let us know how large your Java app is, how much RAM you have, and what command line switches you tried that didn't work out.