Error and Warning Messages

When JExpress builds your projects and detects any errors, it gives a brief description of the error and an error number. Click on the associated error message to get suggestions about resolving an error.

You should also review all .log files in your JExpress directory. If none of this information provides a solution, then see if you can create additional log files. You can also use one of our technical support programs, including the free support to users working with the trial copy.

# Message
5001 Your evaluation period has expired
5002 No Update URL on the Auto Update panel
5003 To distribute online you need an ftp host, etc.
5004 No files or directories included on the Files panel
5005 The application name is blank on the Welcome panel
5006 Finding classes automatically, but no main class file
5007 Unable to find file from File List: [filename]
5008 Unable to execute command to find classes: [command]
5009 Unable to get entry from archive: [filename]
5010 Unable to open zip file: [filename]
5011 Unable to find installation file: [filename]
5012 FTP unable to move to parent dir of [directory]
5013 FTP unable to create or move to [directory]
5014 Custom wizard class file [filename] must be in [directory]
5015 File not found:[filename]
5016 Unable to save options to file jex.control
5017 Unable to load classes from file [filename]
5018 Unable to copy files
5019 Unable to create file input stream from [filename]
5020 Unable to make jar file [filename] in [directory]
5021 Unable to make updater
5022 Unable to configure web pages
5023 Unable to make installer jar
5024 Platforms directory doesn't exist.
5025 Unable to make Cross Platform Standalone jar
5026 Unable to make Cross Platform Web dir
5027 Unable to make java Cross Platform Standalone dir
5028 Unable to make Native dir
5029 Unable to create native distribution
5030 Unable to get zip file for [line]
5031 Unable to make updater jar file
5032 Unable to add updater to jar file [filename]
5033 Unable to add file [filename] to jar file
5034 Unable to copy image file: [filename]
5035 Unable to copy input stream from [filename] to application jar file
5036 Unable to close archive file
5037 Unable to add files to installer
5038 Unable to add custom loader to jar file
5039 Unable to save properties to [filename]
5040 Unable to add [filename] to [jarFile]
5041 Unable to copy [filename] to [directory]
5042 Unable to set options
5043 Unable to run command: [command]
5044 Unable to make subproject
5045 Unable to select files: [filenames]
5046 No files to distribute
5047 Out of memory. Restart program
5048 Check classpath. Unable to read class: [classname]
5049 Unable to open zip file: [filename] while searching for [classname]
5050 Unable to open class: [classname]
5051 Unable to make uninstaller jar file
5052 Unable to add uninstaller to jar file
5053 Unable to close input stream
5054 No native platforms selected
5055 Unable to load platform options
5056 The following file cannot be found on your system
5057 Selected native platforms missing.
5058 The image file must be an individual filename.
5059 Fileset ... is not in the Files panel, or it doesn't exist, or its empty.
5060 Folder [name] of install type [typeName] contains no file sets.
5061 Install type [name] contains no folders.
5062 Executable for launcher not included in Select Files panel.
5063 Install type [name] no longer exists.
5064 Folder [name] of install type [typeName] no longer exists.
5065 Unable to save JExpress project.
5066 [JVM] file missing.
5067 Unable to find all classes.
5068 Warning: Unable to find classes for multiple groups.
5069 Menu uses an invalid install type/component
5070 Remove the -cp argument from the JVM extra parameters on the JVM panel.
5071 Unable to upload [directory]
5072 Unable to rename [directory] to [directory]
5073 Unable to change to [directory]
5074 JVM version is blank
5075 Either the JVM Required or Minimum version property must be set
5076 JVM version isn't the same as the Required version
5077 JVM version is less than the Minimum version
5078 JVM version is greater than the Maximum version
5079 JVM install directory must contain a subdirectory
5080 JExpressInstaller subdirectory is empty or missing
5081 JExpressUpdater subdirectory is empty or missing
5082 Unable to find any icon files named
5083 Unable to save a list of the distribution files.
5084 An unexpected error was detected while finding classes.
5085 Unable to create [directory].
5086 Platform's JVM version does not support Pack 200.
5087 Current JVM Does Not Support Pack 200.
5088 Unable to pack [filename].
5089 Java Web Start Download Url Missing.
5090 You must sign the JAR files before distributing them.
5091 Unable to use [command] to sign your file.
5092 Error signing file (return value: [value])
5093 Add a check mark next to 'Save Install Environment'
5094 Valid URL must be defined
5095 No Menu Items Configured for the Auto-Updater
5096 Too Many Menus Configured to Start After Installer
5097 No Installers Selected on Build Panel
5098 Nothing to Run
5099 No Java Menus
5100 Missing X Platform Files
5101 Unable to Find Any Platform Files
5102 Unable to Copy Java App Files
5103 Unable to Build Installers
5104 Missing data to verify license
5105 Updating not enabled
5106 Unable to configure the installer for CopyCheq
5107 Unable to configure the installer for CopyCheq
5108 License right not defined
5109 You must enter a Default install directory
5110 Click Free and Silent Installers only work with Standard Installers
5111 No 'Install Types' defined on the Organize panel.
5112 No 'Target Directories' defined on the Organize panel.
5113 No 'Components' defined on the Organize panel.
5114 Unable to copy NimROD look and feel.
5115 Unable to copy uninstaller files.
5116 Unable to copy updater files.
5117 Unable to copy nimbus files.
5118 Unable to copy synth files.
5119 The Update URL on the Auto update panel needs to start with the scheme.
5120 The Synth look and feel does not support images in the background.
5121 The Synth look and feel does not support images in the background.
5122 You cannot include files on the 'Select panel' which are in the 'Build directory.
5123 [JVM] installer missing.
5124 Distribution Files Too Large?
5125 Installer too large? or Updater too large?
5126 You forgot to enter a filename for the Welcome panel's HTML file.
5127 JExpress requires JVM 1.5 or later.
5128 The Required setting on all JVM platform tabs must be 1.5 or later.
5129 The Minimum setting on all JVM platform tabs must be 1.5 or later.
5130 Unable to save updater settings.