Tutorial 2 / Part 16
Find Classes and Distribute Online

Move to the Status panel panel by click in the matching radio button in the left column or the Next button in the bottom right corner.

When JExpress successfully builds your installers, it reminds you where you'll find on your local disk your installers and the web pages your customers can use to download.

Click the Test button if it's enabled to install your application on your local disk. If you're testing on Windows 8 or 7 or 10, you may need to install the Elevate program to test from inside JExpress.

If the Test button is not not enabled, then an error occurred during the build or none of the installers you opted to create can run on your OS. If you select the cross platform installer on the Build panel, then you'll always be able to test your installer on the current platform.

If any errors occurred during the build, then details about the error appear in the Status window. You'll find a jump point called Learn more that will give you suggestions about how to resolve any errors. You can also look in a text file called jex.log for more details. See more information about trouble shooting to resolve any difficulties. Or, contact DeNova for help.

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