Tutorial 2 / Part 15
Find Classes and Distribute Online

Move to the Build panel by click in the matching radio button in the left column or the Next button in the bottom right corner.

  1. In the Version field enter: 1.0
  2. Leave the Build directory blank. JExpress defaults it to the project's name.
  3. In the Erase all of build directory before using box do not add a check mark.
  4. Select the Installer Project type.
  5. In the Installer boxes place a check mark in each type of installer that you want JExpress to create.
  6. In the Upload results to your website box add a check mark.
    You'll need to be connected to the Internet or Intranet to upload your app.
  7. Click the Build button.
  8. JExpress automatically moves you to theStatus panel when it finishes building your installers.

Click the Next button to finish this tutorial.