Tutorial 2 / Part 10
Find Classes and Upload Online

Move to the Upload panel by click in the matching radio button in the left column or the Next button in the bottom right corner.

  1. Enter the name of your FTP host.
  2. Fill in a valid FTP login name for your FTP host. Must have read/write/create rights.
  3. Type the matching FTP password for the User ID.
  4. In the FTP directory field enter the directory where you want to store the distribution files for Hello World.
    The directory name should be from the root of the system, e.g., /var/local/dist/testhello, and you must be able to map to this directory from your web server.
  5. Select the most secure protocol that your FTP server supports.
  6. You can refine the FTP configuration by clicking on the Advanced button.

When you're finished, then click Next.