Java Installer Builder and Updater

JExpress: simple yet powerful and really extendible

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  • Top companies choose JExpress to deploy and update their software. Get proven reliability and quality.
  • You can spend more for an installer builder and get a lot less. Get all the features and quality you need, and save a bundle.


Sure you can write it yourself. In a few years. For a few million.

  • SLOCCOUNT says to duplicate JExpress will take you around 21 person years and $2.8M. Any good developer can slap together an installer prototype fast, and there are even free installers. But to build something as good as JExpress you'll be stuck with a long wait, much lower quality in the meantime, and finally a mammoth price.
  • Or buy JExpress right now. Skip the long wait, the inevitable bugs, the huge cost.
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JExpress gives you

  • One click standalone native installers
  • Cross platform installers
  • Updater
  • License tracker
  • Copy protection
  • Usage analysis
  • Uploader
  • Uninstaller
It's the most complete deployment suite available.

You create your installer quickly with your choice of a simple wizard, a powerful advanced interface, or a command line build, all included. Bundle the exact JVM you want with your installer.

License tracking with CopyCheq also gets you integrated copy protection, renewal notices, usage analysis reports and much more.

The auto-updater gives you a continuous revenue stream after the sale. Your software is always up-to-date so your customers have fewer problems.

You also get all the features you expect in a top end installer. Your Java application becomes a native program just like any other. On Windows it's an EXE, on OS X an app bundle, etc.

If you need something really special, you can customize your installer by adding simple Java classes. You can even get a source license at a reasonable price.

You get a simple and powerful tool to:

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